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Note: The Vietnamese Dong conversion rate for all 10 tables are updated automatically every day so you can be sure you are seeing the most current rates. ; 5, US Dollars to Vietnamese Dong Exchange Rates ; 1 USD, 24, VND ; 5 USD, , VND ; 10 USD, , VND ; 25 USD, , VND. Convert 1 US dollars USD to Vietnamese dong VND. Find out how much 1 US dollars is worth in about Vietnamese dong. Convert 1 US dollars with Alpari's online. However, since , the exchange rate of Vietnamese dong has been stable and makes it one of the most stable currencies in Asia and the whole world, as the. VND to USD Calculator - How much US Dollar (USD) is Vietnamese Dong (VND)? · Vietnamese Dong = US Dollar (USD) · VND to.

How much is 1 USD in Vietnamese Dong. The exchange value of 1 USD in Vietnamese Dong is VND as on Mar 7. How to convert 1 USD to VND with Paytm online. Historical Exchange Rates For Vietnamese Dong to United States Dollar · Quick Conversions from Vietnamese Dong to United States Dollar: 1 VND = USD. 1 CAD = 18, VND Mar 10, UTC Check the currency rates against all the world currencies here. The currency converter below is easy to use. Over the past 30 days, the Vietnamese dong rate is up % from on 9 February to today. This means one pound will buy more Vietnamese. You will rarely see any of the notes and you may receive a candy in your change at the supermarket in lieu of these. Vietnamese Dong coins come in the. Convert 1 Vietnamese dong VND to US dollars USD. Find out how much 1 Vietnamese dong is worth in about US dollars. Convert 1 Vietnamese dong with Alpari's. Convert US Dollar to Vietnamese Dong ; 1 USD, 24, VND ; 5 USD, , VND ; 10 USD, , VND ; 25 USD, , VND. Today's market rate for common transfer amounts USD to VND ; ₫24,, · ₫36,, · ₫61,, · ₫,, Historical Exchange Rates For United States Dollar to Vietnamese Dong · Quick Conversions from United States Dollar to Vietnamese Dong: 1 USD = 24, VND. The Vietnamese dong is the currency of Vietnam. The banknotes have both a paper banknote and polymer (plastic) banknote series in circulation. You can find the most up-to-date exchange rate from any currency to Vietnamese dong (VND) here. In the recent years, the exchange rate of the Vietnamese dong.

Are you sending money to Vietnam? Before you do so, check out how you can get the best rates for any currency. Convert 1 VND to CAD with the Wise Currency Converter. Analyze historical currency charts or live Vietnamese dong / Canadian dollar rates and get free rate. Vietnam's currency is known as the Dong and its symbol is ₫. At the time of writing this, one Vietnamese Dong equals U.S. dollar. This means that 1$. Historical Exchange Rates For Vietnamese Dong to Canadian Dollar · Quick Conversions from Vietnamese Dong to Canadian Dollar: 1 VND = CAD. As of [Jan of ], the exchange rate of Euro to Vietnamese dong is approximately [] Vietnamese Dong (VND) for 1 Euro. However, Euro may not be as popular. At the present rate, 1 US Dollar equal to 23, VND. Apart from US Dollars, many banks in Vietnam still exchange VND for these foreign currencies: Australian. The Vietnamese Dong is expected to trade at by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. As of October , the Vietnamese dong was the second-lowest valued currency unit (behind the Iranian rial), with one United States dollar equaling 24, dong. How much is ₫ in USD? Vietnamese Dong = US Dollars as of March 10, PM UTC. What was the highest VND to USD exchange.

3. Up-to-date Vietnam currency rate to 7 widely traded currencies ; Currency. Exchange rate ; USD. 23, VND ; EUR. 25, VND ; JPY. VND ; GBP. 29, VND. Conversion rates Vietnamese Dong / Canadian Dollar. 1 VND, CAD. 5 VND, CAD. 10 VND, CAD. 20 VND, CAD. 50 VND, CAD. Vietnamese dong banknotes come in thousands; 10,, 20,, 50,, ,, , and , But they're not as big as they sound. Even the highest, the. How much money does “live like a king” mean in Vietnamese Dong? · $ per accomodation, $ · 6 cleaners/keepers (2 per house) $ Choose how much you want to convert or receive in that currency. 3. Check the rates. Our currency converter will show you the current CAD and VND exchange rate.

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